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The only full-service strategic partner to help IP owners monetize their assets, protect their ownership rights, and scale their business. With comprehensive financing and insurance solutions tailored for IP owners and the law firms that represent them, we secure litigation financing supported by capital protection and judgment preservation insurance to reduce risk and financing costs.

Monetize IP assets

Protect ownership rights

Stand up to deep-pocket challengers

Finance litigation with preferred terms

Reduce risk and financing costs

About BFG

BFG CEO Jarret Prussin pioneered law firm financing 20 years ago, building the largest legal lending brokerage firm in the U.S. and personally facilitating over $3 billion in transactions. He serves as a special advisor at Finwise Bank, the largest packager of SBA loans with over $6 billion in marketplace lending loans annually, and co-founder of Ben Crump Law, a top personal injury law firm. With over 200 joint venture partners, BFG can help IP owners leverage better terms for all their financing and insurance needs.


Explore our comprehensive insurance solutions

Litigation Financing

Secure your intellectual property assets from well-funded threats with preferred financing to fund your legal defense.

IP Capital Protection & Judgment Preservation

Reduce risks to lenders to secure better financing rates.

Judgment Preservation

Ensure the preservation of judgments with our strategic insurance coverage.

Discover how our offerings can provide robust protection for your unique needs.

  • Maximize Returns on Intellectual Property Assets: Optimize the value of your intellectual property portfolio.
  • Expand Your Business: Fuel growth by strategically leveraging your intellectual assets.
  • Finance Litigation to Safeguard Ownership Rights: Secure the necessary funding to protect and uphold your ownership rights.
  • Secure Improved Financing Terms: Access favorable financing terms tailored to your unique needs.
  • Safeguard Professional Fees for Law Firms: Ensure the ability of your law firm to fund protracted litigation by protecting professional fees.

Empower your business with our comprehensive solutions tailored for success.

Experience reduced financing costs and unlock capital to drive the growth of your IP business.

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